Modern homes and businesses require an updated approach to traditional Iron and Metalwork. Express your unique sense of style with a contemporary design from Intracoastal Iron and Metalwork 

Custom Iron and Metalwork with classical details and styling. Crafted using only the finest materials and timeless techniques of our skilled artisans 

historical restoration & reproductions / public works

furniture & fixtures

Handcrafted artisan iron and metalwork



Intracoastal Iron and Metalwork specializes in historical restorations of existing ironwork. We craft each piece using traditional methods that date back centuries. We are proud to preserve these historic treasures

Intracoastal Iron and Metalwork, LLC - 4022 Market Street, Bldg. 2 Wilmington, NC 28403 - (910) 233-8264

Dreaming of a one-of-a-kind furniture piece? Want to replicate a design you've seen in a magazine? Intracoastal Iron and Metalwork can help create the perfect expression of your personal style